Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Train: Spock. (1931-2015)

Leonard Nimoy

One of those times where image and sound will speak louder than words.  For this GIANT of a talent in the American film, television, photography and theater world... #LLAP

I still need to watch the whole film, but this scene...

This guy could act his ass off if he had to - or, rather, he always did, but especially here:

And because everyone and their mother has seen the funeral scene... here's a scene from Search for Spock:

And in case you got some hours to kill:

And I'm not even a fan of this show, but:

And here is your scene of Zen

Good luck, Spock

Oh, and one more: 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


So I have a whole other mistress now.  Howdy Boy, do I ever.  Forget IMDb, this is like having a harem!

I've returned to podcasting with my co-host Andrew - we shoot the shit about movies we've watched, usually with a main topic of the week (i.e. last time, episode 6, it was Orson Welles, and this upcoming one will be on Sex in Cinema since 50 Shades of Grey is in theaters), and soon I'll be doing interviews as well.

Check some of the recent ones out here.  We're also on FACEBOOK of course, so like us there and stuff to see all the latest tracks:

And where it started