Sunday, September 12, 2010

In some good news!

A screenplay that I wrote (and as-yet un-produced), The Mel Klein Diaries, has now another accoldade to add to the previous win at the NYC Filmmaker's Festival a few months ago.  I was just informed tonight that the SoCal Film Market, to which I submitted the screenplay for its competition, is now in consideration as a "SPOTLIGHT FINALIST" (see the link here)!  It's quite exciting to receive such high regards for a work that took six months to write and that I still hope ::knocks on wood:: that it could make for my debut feature as a director.

At the least, this is a good sign to finally start looking for a manager, or an agent, or a lawyer, or one of the three or at some point all of the above.  At the least a lawyer; while it's another couple of days until another email is sent to me from SoCal about what to do next, I really do have to assume that a deal of some sort should be on the way, especially if this 'sponsored finalist' is sent out to agents and managers and industry as a highlighted section.

Or, on the more pessimistic side, it could just be a newsletter that everyone throws out and don't read.  But if not... maybe someone with a deal could read it and send me on my way.  I'll just have to wait and see....


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