Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I may have fewer posts this month...

Hey all you uh... five or six readers out there.  Maybe more maybe less, Jack here,

This week I've been quite lazy in posting on this site... actually, lazy is relative.  You might say 'lazy' is more in line with 'LOTS of shit going on that keeps me busy'.  One of these things is participating in NaNoWiMo (yeah, or, National Novel Writing Month).  Why am I participating this?  Well, mostly for the friend-camaraderie thing.  A good friend is writing in the month, and I decided to join him in kind.  Did I have a book I really was burning to write?  Yes and no.  Yes in that it's a book that has been rolling around in my head for a while.  No in that I haven't quit my day-job or really focused my time for the book.  Adding to that my crippling addiction to going to see and watching at home movies and my schoolwork at the Academy of Art, and you got only a sliver of time for a book.

But that time for writing the book may cut in on writing this.  Not that I will stop altogether - oh and another thing still being at - but it does cut in to it.

The good news is it's a book that is what I would call a Retcon-Autobiography.  Retcon also means "Retroactive Continuity", where usually in comic books or series (or, for example, the latest Star Trek movie), you go back and fuck with what came before to change things (or, another example for comic geeks out there, the Spider-Man comic "One More Day", which is supposedly so bad that I don't have a passing interest in it like I do most comics).  The book is now called "Film Flam Love" (which could change) and is a reference to my AOL email name that I've had since I was a teen.  To try and summarize is hard, not because it's some pretentious thing (gulp, I hope), but because it's more of a character study and how the main character lives and thinks than a full-on plot.  But it's obstensibly about a film-fan and would-be writer who works at UPS by day, lives with his widowed Dad, and falls in love with a Poli-Sci major who wants to be a professor or work for a politician.

So yeah, it'll have a lot of my own thoughts on movies, but also some other stuff too.  It's basically me going back into my life as if it's a comic book series, going back to 'retcon' certain things that happened, and see how it might be different or not.  That's all I can say so far without having to go off and write more.

So, FYI, that's what's happening with that.

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