Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby, baby, baby, you're Moments in Time...

I was inspired by finding out on Jim Emerson's good ol' blog about a montage, or a collection of scenes and images, that perforated the cinematic landscape (to sound good ol' pretentious bout it) in 2010 over at MSN movies.  It's an excellent list, some for movies I've still yet to see (though, hopefully, may see in the next week like Blue Valentine and True Grit).

For now, here's just 25 movie memories (one movie I repeat a memory from), as I don't want to go overboard with movie-memorial talk and stuff, especially as I won't have a top 21 still to come (following Ebert's lead a top 10, honorable mention, and then 10 more as we're greedy dudes) for a little while, not until I see aforementioned movies, and some more (i.e. The King's Speech, Rabbit Hole, maybe The Tillman Story).  I may stray a little bit here as the MSN people were more interested in looks, gestures and lines, but I tried my best to incorporate that here....

- Olivia Williams' face after reading a piece of paper that has glided along hand to hand in The Ghost Writer.

- Dicky Ecklund's tiny son in The Fighter imitating his father's punches to a locker after the bad news his brother gives him.

- "You know, you always scared me." "That's cause your smart."  A heart-to-heart with niece and uncle in Winter's Bone.  

- A deadpan homage to Once Upon a Time in the West, playing on the a TV screen with momentary fanfare in BIG widescreen in The American.

- Unreality gets a wee-bit crazier: a fight scene turns into a Bollywood musical with Demon Hipster Chicks in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

- In Black Swan, Nina's mother almost dramatically throws out a congratulations-cake after she refuses a piece.

- Suave motherfucker Sean Parker in The Social Network: "One more thing: drop the 'the', just 'Facebook'.  It's cleaner."

- Arthur in Inception does a Spider-Man jump-move onto the ceiling during a hallway fight in the second-layer of a dream sequence.

- Banksy brings Guantanamo to Disneyland, and Thierry Guetta becomes a momentary bad-ass.  It's a Small World in Exit Through the Gift Shop.

- In Catfish, Nev Shulman discovers the Tennessee Stud he thought was sung by his FB-GF is not what it seems.

- A moment of hesitation with Andy and Bonnie as Woody is the last toy to pass on in Toy Story 3. ::sobs::

- Anthony Hopkins in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger has a blank expression at the bottom-low of his life with the obvious revelation that his fiancĂ©e is a philanderer.

- "Why are you all wet baby?" in Shutter Island.  Two characters distinctly say the line, maybe more, in the film's runtime, however Ben Kingsley's is most deadpan.

- Harry Brown monologues about a war story he's never told before to a bloody sod he's somewhat fatally wounded.

- A woman, trapped in a home in Vincere, goes up to the window and climbs up to look outside at night during a snowstorm.

- The Killer Inside Me's mentally dislocated sheriff addresses the "cast of characters" who may or may not be there by story's end.

- Two characters, embarrassed Scott Pilgrim and 'Huh?!' Knives Chau, have a break-up after the latter tells the former she's in love, set against a black-abyss backdrop.  The rest of the world gives way to nothingness.

- Eliot Spitzer's physical appearance goes to battle with his own carefully constructed words via interrotron answering his biggest flaws in Client 9.

-  In Animal Kingdom, a criminal bastard sits in a kind of religious (or dazed) silence in the middle of the night in a recliner as "I'm Out of Love" plays on the TV off-screen.

- Get with the times old man: the magician in The Illusionist plays to an empty house save for an old lady and his brat little kid following the emptying out of a million screaming girls for a rock band.

- The deadened eyes and moment where his mind is elsewhere mid-interview of a soldier in still can't come to grips with the biggest clusterfuck of time in Restrepo, Afghanistan.

- "(Jokingly) Oops.... (Depressed) Oops....(stares at his own camera in stunned silence)." 127 Hours.

- I Love You, Philip Morris, As Jim Carrey ejaculates into another man's anus, he does a little dance.  "Wooh!"

- A Mother gets up and rejoins the chorus of life: people dancing their cares away on a bus.

- A (final?) showdown between two old crotched Irishman who become crotched old zombies about to have it out against the REALLY FULL moon in Survival of the Dead.

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