Friday, December 17, 2010

Laurel & Hardy in FLYING DEUCES

Another fine mess you've gotten me in to...

You might recall from my previous entry on the VHS era and video stores a mention of the Laurel and Hardy movie, Flying Deuces. I have to expound as merely a couple of sentences isn't quite enough. This is one of those movies, like with Mel Brooks or the Three Stooges, that was a comedy main-stay in my household. If/when myself and my brother have kids, we'll likely pass it on down to them as well, time be damned. The movie itself is a classic tale of the hijinks of trying to get a girl as Ollie and Stan join up the French Foreign Legion so that Ollie can do an activity that will make him forget about her as he is suicidal beforehand (not the depressive kind, more like the funny "I'm going to kill myself" variety that you don't see anymore; as Andy Rooney would say, Why is that?)

Since the movie is public domain, it might be befitting, after so much time doing this blog, to just post a full feature film on here. If you have an hour to spare (the movie is literally 68 minutes long), it's well worth the viewing if you've never seen it and have an appreciation for 1930's slapstick comedy with a penchant for silliness and sophistication. Or, if you have seen it or are a Laurel & Hardy fan and just haven't gotten around to it, give it a shot again or for the first time. If nothing else the last ten minutes are some of the most brilliant and ludicrously hysterical physical comedy ever put to the screen.

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