Saturday, January 1, 2011

A January Netflix project

So, what's on the menu this evening?  How about for the next month?

As I've been blessed recently with the Power of the Instant Netflix- a format that as days go by becomes a preferred format to watch films and television over DVD (hey, no scratches, at worst there's too many pixels or a bad ethernet connection)- I've decided to take advantage of it.  And, inspired once again by Kevin Murphy's movie-travelogue A Year at the Movies, I'll make a semi-challenge of it.

For the next month, starting tonight, I will make sure to watch one movie per day or night until January 31st (interestingly when I start school again, so time will suddenly be restrictive just in time).  What movies will I watch?  I have no idea.  I have many options at my disposal, and like Murphy in his travels I'll be open to anything: crap blockbusters, obscure indies, beautiful foreign films, fun trash, and the real oddities of the abroad.  That I already have a massive queue gives me options-a-plenty, but it doesn't stop there.

So-so-so many movies are available via instant-watch on Netflix.  Now some that one might be curious to watch that are new or of a particular kind.. are not always available.  But there are so many options that there is no excuse not to be able to find something each day or night.  My only enemy really is time; if for some reason, via physical impairment or brain damage or if I get stuck at a party that just won't let me go, and I miss a day, I won't be all besotted like Murphy almost was (then again he stuck it out through a fucking kidney stone so the man has balls the size of watermellons).

So... project begins tonight.

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