Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faces of Top Ten of 2010...

... with honorable mentions at the end (i.e. 11-30)

(Note: this list took some time to put together as I wanted to wait to see as many 2010 movies as I could.  To be fair, I... didn't see them all, and indeed when I do my top-ten-wrap-up podcast tomorrow with fellow C-Stumper Matt for Creatively Stumped Podcast, he'll have films on his list that I've yet to see, though also visa-versa.  At the moment, as a film buff who tries to see as much as possible but only can do so much as a not-official film critic, it's what I got):











Honorable Mentions (that is, movies I thought were awesome, but didn't make the cut):

Inside Job
The American
Winter's Bone
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
Shutter Island
I Love You, Philip Morris
The Fighter
Rabbit Hole
The Ghost Writer
Let Me In
A Film Unfinished
The Killer Inside Me
Casino Jack and the United States of Money
A Prophet
and, last but not least....
The Illusionist

(list of the top 10):
10) Toy Story 3
9) The Social Network
8) True Grit
7) Catfish
6) 127 Hours
5) Mother
4) Exit Through the Gift Shop
3) Black Swan
2) Another Year
1) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

So there.

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  1. Nice List...many honorable mentions I didn't see yet -- plus Another Year and Catfish... Might be seeing Rabbit Hole tonight.

    I liked True Grit but feel like The Fighter was ultimately a better movie. Not sure of my top 10 or its order but Black Swan, Social Network, Exit through the Gift Shop, 127 hours and Scott Pilgrim would've made the cut. A movie that would have at least got honorable mention b/c I literally laughed the entire movie was "Get Him to the Greek" and I did not have high expectations. I also really liked Winter's Bone and did not get to see Tiny Furniture. I think The Town definitely gets honorable mention from me and Joan Rivers was well done (maybe not her new face hehe)(I also did not see Dogtooth, Inside Job, The American, Client 9, Philip Morris, Ghost Writer, Restrepo, Let Me In, A Film Unfinished, Micmacs, Killer Inside Me, Casino Jack (doc and Spacey film), Carlos, A Prophet or The Illusionist - 2010 version.)

    Movies that made lists that I didn't see but want to:

    Blue Valentine, Animal Kingdom, Barney's Version, Nowhere Boy, It's Kind of a Funny Story (doubt this is a top 10 but looked decent - same with maybe Due Date being funny but not top 10),Machete (prob not top 10), Biutiful, The Tillman Story, King's Speech, How to train your dragon, Greenberg, Somewhere(heard mixed on this one), Winnebego Man, Buried, Waiting for Superman(although I can't imagine I'll like it's blame the teacher mantra)..

    I'm sure there are more -- cool list... I did like Fair Game too (Sean Penn and not Cindy Crawford) but it's not a top 10..but maybe top 20-30!