Friday, February 4, 2011


Ah, now here's a good blog segment to continue with, as I have done it before (but now with a name): my reposting of reviews from's comments, where I have long written reviews and still do when the moment strikes me.  It used to be, obviously before this blog, for everything, but now I am more picky and sometimes I will just write a review there that's short and where I don't feel the need to be as open as I am here with language and other things of personal natures.  

Though ironically reviews do end up being as long as I can make them over there, or as detailed as possible, despite it being "Comments" on a website like IMDb.  I wish I knew how to quit it, but the fact is it ain't nobody's business but ours... here at a blog everyone can see.  Ah, Brokeback Blogging, my favorite ;)

So, here are my two latest reviews from the IMDb:

HURLYBURLY (2 stars)


Fritz Lang's HUMAN DESIRE (3 1/2 stars)

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