Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three things - 95 movie sequels, and, and ME!

So, first thing to share, an article of some interest:

Taken 2, aka "I have to do my Special Skills again? Didn't my stupid daughter learn last time?"

95 Movie Sequels Currently in the Works.  While not all of the films listed here may be sure things - I'll believe Beverly Hills Cop 4 when I see Eddie Murphy's face plastered all over Manhattan as I walk around - many of them are, and it's at best kind of interesting and cool, and at worst fucking horrifying (Bad Boys 3, Chronicles of Riddick 3, Die Hard 5 and 6!?  Really Hollywood?)  We'll see how it goes, but any film person should look at it to at least be in the know.

2) I've started to write reviews for another website!  Yeah, I know, it may take away some attention from the blog, but the good news is that the site - - takes reviews that are written in the 3rd person.  So, all of my more personal bullshit (with "I' and "me" and "you" and curses galore) will stay right here.

In the meantime I'll post new articles and reviews as they appear.  Here's the first article for the film All Good Things

and 3) ME!

May the Schwartz be with you!(TM)
I have an interview up on the site Teaneck Patch that is all about the film festival happening in Bergenfield, NJ on May 5th 2011.  This may be short notice for any of you following along at home, but at any rate it's a very cool article all the same, and my FIRST INTERVIEW EVER!  It's a good feeling that I'm sure will be washed away in the far away future when as a filmmaker interviews will be a common occurence.  For now it's a fun novelty. 

FULL INTERVIEW HERE (and as a nice touch today the main page has the article as the first thing one sees on the site!)

End transmission.

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