Friday, June 24, 2011

RIP Train - Peter Falk

"Today Peter Falk and Denis Leary went into a Starbucks and shot twenty-seven people... without any announcement whatsoever." (Denis Leary, 'Lock n Load')

I don't know if I have particularly strong feelings towards Peter Falk (weird how that sounds I know), but I do know he was a damn fine actor, from the obscure (Joseph Strick's The Balcony), to the long-running acclaimed iconic character (Columbo) to the real meaty acting parts with long-time collaborator John Cassavetes (Husbands and especially A Woman Under the Influence), and the occasional cameo (The Great Muppet Caper as the hobo who talks failed dry-cleaning businesses with Kermit on a part bench).  He died at 83, and while he didn't have a particularly strong end to his career - frankly, appearing in garbage like Corky Romano and mediocre Cage films like Next, with one exception I'll post below - his reputation as a Hollywood legend was pretty solid by the time he passed.'s to it.

still really need to see this one (and how oddly apt?):



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