Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A large catalog of my Ingmar Bergman reviews

My how time flies.  I think it's almost bizarre, and sad, that I haven't seen an Ingmar Bergman film I've yet to see in a long time - there was a period where I saw a film of his what seemed like every week or so - and I know Summer Interlude isn't one of them.  I'll get to it, eventually, I swear.

But in the meantime I thought for myself (and for you, you dozen readers or so) that I'd catalog my Bergman reviews from my (former?) hot-cine-gina'd mistress from over the years, going all the way back to 2002 when I first saw The Seventh Seal fresh out of high school.  It's interesting too to see how my reviews, as they often were at the time, started out kinda simple and amateurish (and/or the good possibility I was stoned while writing them, to which some may not make sense grammatically), though there are a few from my college years I'm prouder of - whether they're of any real "professional" quality I don't know.

But as he is still, for my money, the single greatest dramatist of non-American cinema (or just cinema of the 2nd half of the 20th century, period), I gotta give him props. Chronologically, of course, and feature his non-directed scripted films too (i.e. Best Intentions, which is the only of his projects to get the Golden Palm, and Torment, his first script at the age of 25)

And of course, he is somewhere (or nowhere), doing the dance of the dead.

Saraband (2003/2005)
Private Confessions (1996)
Fanny and Alexander (1982/1983) (maybe my longest review, for his greatest effort)
The Touch (1971)
The Rite (1969)
Shame (1968)
Persona (1966)
The Silence (1963)
Dreams (1955)
To Joy (1950) (review written the day Bergman died)
 Thirst (1949)
Torment (1944)

Documentaries on him:

Films he's written and/or directed I haven't seen (so I still have a long way to go till I am a 'completest' by any stretch): Faithless, Sunday's Children, Crisis, Port of Call, Summer Interlude, It Rains on Our Love, Music in Darkness, A Ship to India, This Can't Happen Here, Secrets of Women, A Lesson in Love, All These Women, Brink of Life, Prison, and The Devil's Wanton. 

So there.

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