Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have a confession.... (keep reading)

So as it turns out, I have not been completely off the movie-criticism grid... I'm really sorry, honey, I don't know what to say or where to start except that.... well, I have been unfaithful..  Please, no, no, don't, stop, put down the knife, if I can explain....

Ok, I can't.  The fact is, I sometimes just don't have the energy to go all the way over here.  IMDb.com is fast and quick and it's something there for me right away, and I don't have to put in the work that I do with the blog, which is great but requires more of my time.  IMDb's legs are wide open and its pages so... ok, I'll just stop, I'm digging the hole bigger and I know that's not a good excuse, but it's the truth.

Here is my face right now, if it's any consolation:

So, now you're throwing the frying pan over my head asking, "WHO IS SHE?"  Well... there are a bunch of reviews.  How far you want to go back?  One month?  Two, maybe three?  Yeah, three months.  While you look thru them I'm gonna count up how much I'll owe in internet-alimony payments:

William Friedkin's JADE

Andrjez Zulawski's POSSESSION (1981) - Holy shit this was a messed-up movie... and I don't mean that lightly.  This will fuck you up

Yasujiro Ozu's TOKYO TWILIGHT 

(pre-review) Friedkin's KILLER JOE

EVERYTHING MUST GO (aka Will Ferrell is back to drama and good at it)

Nagisa Oshima series:

Japanese Summer: Double Suicide

that shitty remake of THE THING

50/50 (surprisingly one of the best films of the year(!))

James Franco in HOWL

Kevin Smith's RED STATE (the most mixed-bag of the year, some of it's really damn good, and some of it... not so much)

David Lean's DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (aka stay for Rod Steiger, Klaus Kinski and the cinematography, and maybe for the rest if you feel like it)


NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS (one of the better "mumblecore" movies)

(I also half-assedly wrote a review of MARTIN SCORSESE'S HUGO, but I wont post that there cause you'll just get mad.  I'll re-write it to make it longer and more in-depth once I see the film a second time).

So... I'm sorry.... :/ I'll do better though! 


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  1. YOU have missed;

    polowanie na muchy
    czarny kot bialy kot

    all from poland
    and the one about little people

    forgot the title, male jest piekne

    or krasnolutki

    ps wajda is doing Walesa next week


    love your blog
    your judgement is simililar to mine