Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And now for the SNUBS!

From the Oscars:

This is my own personal list, I make it up: 

Best Picture: 

Take Shelter 
The Adventures of Tintin 

Best Director: 

Lars von Trier 
Steven Spielberg (for Tintin, not War Horse) 
Roman Polanski 
Steven Soderbergh 
Nicolas Winding Refn

Best Actor: 

Michael Fassbender (Shame) and Michael Shannon (Take Shelter). Period. 

Oh, and also Choi Min Sink from I Saw the Devil was bad ass. 
And Joseph Gordon Levitt (50/50) 

Best Actress: 

Kirsten Dunst (Melancholia) 

Best Supporting Actor: 

Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks, and Viggo Mortensen (Dangerous Method) 

Best Supporting Actress 

Carey Mulligan (Shame) 
Ellen Page (Super) 

Best Screenplay: 

Attack the Block 

Best Cinematography: 

and...actually this category is about right, though for Drive it would've been nice 

Best Score: 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (that's the ONLY snub for this overrated remake) 

Best Song: 

Los Lobos' song for Rango 


Anything by Errol Morris or Werner Herzog 

Best Editing: 

Oddly enough, The Tree of Life kinda got snubbed here for me. 

Best Animated Film: 

Adventures of Tintin (even more than for best regular picture really) 

Best Foreign Language Film: 

Certified Copy 

Best Sound: 

13 Assassins 
Attack the Block 
X-Men 1st class 

Best Make-up: 

Attack the Block 

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