Monday, December 24, 2012

Special guest in the court of the MOVIE MONARCHY!

I forgot to post about this earlier, and shame on me, shame on the crown of America, and... oh, wait, what, there's no crown in America?  Goddamnit!  Someone should tell me these things!

I was on a podcast.  No, not the 'Creatively Stumped' Podcast, which I used to be one of the hosts on way back in the way (two/three years ago).  It's run by Matt Rorabeck and Eric Marchen, Canadian film critics (I think from that place, how do I say it, Otto-wa?)  They're knowledgable, fun cats to talk with, and I was very happy to be on their show back in OCTOBER, also with Miss Audrey Lorea, who has acted for me in projects, and I've produced for her, super great mega awesome collaborator.  Plus we got a special interview about our own films, 'Green Eyes' and 'Heaven is Now'.

AND I returned!  Yesterday, they had me on to talk about 'Jack Reacher', 'This is 40' (the latter I haven't seen yet, but I got to be kind of the questioner of things to keep the conversation lively), also new trailers and new-news.

AND MORE!  Tomorrow I'll be on for ANOTHER special Christmas podcast about my favorite American film of the year, 'Django Unchained', plus 'Les Miserables' (not seen), and some other trailer news.  I had to cut out near the end, but it was still fun as hell (and hell is for movie-childrens after all!)

Link to the first episode

The interview

Latest Podcast

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