Thursday, February 7, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen, Mr. Soderbergh

And now, on the occasion of the presumed 'stepping down' of Steven Soderbergh from direction feature films for cinematic release (I must make that distinction since, as he mentioned in a recent New York magazine interview he won't be going ALL away - painting, theater, TV is still in the equation)... a ranking from best to least:

(and no, still haven't seen Kafka, nor his series 'K Street' that obscurely aired briefly on HBO)

Really damn great:

King of the Hill (go see this one, seriously, it's so underrated)
The Informant! (ditto)
Traffic (though it used to be #1, now I notice its flaws but I don't care)
Side Effects

Really damn impressive, if not great (just shy of it):

Out of Sight
The Limey
Ocean's Eleven
The Underneath
sex, lies and Videotape

Really damn good, if not totally impressive:

The Girlfriend Experience
Ocean's Thirteen
Gray's Anatomy/And Everything is Going Fine
Magic Mike
Eros (short film)

Really flawed, but damn interesting shards (and specks of greatness):

Ocean's Twelve
The Good German
Full Frontal
Yes: 9012 (concert movie from the 80's - cheesy and VERY 80's, but some of their numbers are shot well)

Um... eh:

Erin Brockovich (sorry, just not a fan, couldn't get with Roberts' character)
Bubble (I see its points, but its the only of his films that just shut me out emotionally)

Sail on, sailor, and hope you decide to pay a visit to the medium.  And just remember, as ol' Ingmar Bergman once said, theater is the faithful wife, film the wild mistress.

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