Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Night Clip Fix (2-fer) - SARAH SEEDS COMEDY REEL

Now let's change this up a bit, shall we?  Yes, I haven't posted in a little, but so what?  I can catch up, right?

Let's do a 2-fer this Friday of TWO clips.

First, a little promotion for a friend and collaborator - NY Actress SARAH SEEDS has a comedy reel now up online (thanks to the ever-impressive Audrey Lorea) and it's really worth checking out.  This lady's got the funny, and sass, and attitude, and... AMERICA!  (You'll see once you watch the video).

PS: Check out the Facebook pages for films Seeds is involved with i.e. HEAVEN is NOW and (though not in the reel still coming soon) BICYCLES

Sarah Seeds Comedy Reel from Audrey Lorea on Vimeo.

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