Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RIP Train - Bobby Keys (of the Rolling Stones and other groups)

Bobby Keys of the Rolling Stones has passed away at the age of 70 (and as many comments on social media say, once again, Keith will outlive them all).  This is what the Guardian wrote in their article:

"He was born on the same day as Keith Richards, and the pair struck up a lifelong friendship, with Richards giving over pages of his autobiography Life for Keys to tell the band’s story from his perspective. In that book, Richards describes the saxophonist as “my closest pal. A soul of rock and roll, a solid man, also a depraved maniac.”

Keys played during the band’s Glastonbury headline slot in 2013, although in October he was forced to pull out of dates in New Zealand and Australia citing poor health.

Even after such a lengthy career, Keys’s love of rock’n’roll remained undimmed. In an interview with The West Australian, shortly before pulling out of the tour, he said: “It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve played Brown Sugar, I never get tired of playing it.”  The cause of death is as yet unknown."

Indeed.  (below is taken from Martin Scorsese's "Shine a Light"):

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