Sunday, October 4, 2015

A FREEWHEELING Conversation on Facebook about Ridley Scott and THE MARTIAN

Earlier today, after seeing The Martian (the review for which will be up on IMDb very soon, and I'll link it in here when it's up), my idiosyncratic Canadian facebook movie buddy Karl and I had a conversation about the movie and Scott in general - he hasn't seen the movie, I just had (I deleted a few LOL's for your convenience):

Jack Gattanella: the real shocking thing this weekend.... Ridley Scott does like people
The Martian - maybe among his top 3 films
Alien, Blade Runner, that fucking good man

Karl Leschinsky: it's all a ruse
they got him too
for the moment
Jack: haha
Karl: then hell unleash another four prometheuses on you until you say you like them

Jack: Well, it [Martian] is a crowd-pleaser
god help us [more Alien sequels]
Actually, the script is maybe the most brilliant part about it
If I get to teach any screenwriting classes I'll use the Martian first
it has a lot more humor than you'd usually expect
better humor than Gravity, much more than Interstellar...
it's like.... hey, we get to LIKE these characters and get invested in them
they're not just like finding space goo and calling Guy Pearce "... Father"
so yeah, check it out some time soon
I'm curious whether you'll like it or not
Karl: i'd like it, most likely
Jack: it's hard sci-fi, but it's amusing
Karl: i like ridley
it looks good, well done
Jack: it's like, he's loosening up in this movie a iittle
letting Damon take the reigns a little
though he's secretly in control all the time
Karl: in my james cameron rap [unpublished], one of the lines calls out ridley for selling out "redhanded" 
Jack: hm
Years back you know, he said he wanted to be the John Ford of sci-fi and it didn't quite happen, but this is like him fulfilling the promise of his early movies
Karl: lol
Jack: haha
Karl: well, i'm happy to see him succeed
because hes better than nolan lol
so thats a bit overdue..
i always liked him but it's only recently i realized how brilliant he really is
Jack: sure
Karl: the counselor sort of foresaw movies like sicario becoming a thing
Jack: hm I have to wonder if Nolan will see Martian and be like... damn, wish I'd thought of doing that
Karl: lol well nolan was doing something similar imo
his howard hawks journals in which howard hawks is trapped inside a motel / his mind
howard hughes* sorry lol
except he never got out
that sounded like it could be nolan's best movie ... but warren beatty, gangster that he is, muscled him out
so he moved on to saving the children with akira
anyways ridley
ridleys trying to save the world, still
nolans already given up on that
interstellar was a great big: we're doomed... but LOVE!
ridleys more like: fuck that. science. war. FIGHT MOTHERFUCKER!
Jack: hm... well
The Martian is about sciencing the shit out of things
while listening to disco
(which the main character can't stand, but does anyway, and begrudgingly likes)
Meanwhile, Troy from Community saves the world
I'm serious
It's just great to see a movie that follows real problem solving
like, we know the outcome
he'll survive and be rescued
but the shit that's thrown in his way makes it really intense
plus, it's MATT DAMON!
hard not to like him, albeit with his comments about black women directors and gays in the closet sigh
Karl: [Troy from Community?] you mean that rapper who was in community
ya know...
all and all i'm going to embrace this
ridley getting respect is not a bad thing... he doesnt do crap 9 out of 10 times
i'm glad people can appreciate how dedicated he is to his craft
personally, i see the martian as a great big political maneuver in coordination with nasa and the u.s. government
an illuminati thing basically but thats okay, it can still work on a filmmaking level and i like what MZS wrote about it [otherworldly yeah and yet also, deliberately, somewhat bland]
Jack: yeah
well China is also involved too...
in the movie, as in life
Karl: right
Jack: like, the Chinese come in at one point to help them out with like mega-super-rockets
and yeah, on a filmmaking level it's boss
Karl: yeah to teach TEAMWORK
(see Kung Fury t-rex) (or VICE Hermit Kingdom doc where the korean commentators can only praise the teamwork in commentating on the bball game)
Jack: o true
I think as someone who is, technically I guess, a Screenwriting "Master" it impressed the hell out of me, insomuch as - hey, you can actually do THIS in a major Hollywood level. it's not all dumb action beats and shit like the Godzilla 2014 thing
Karl: i'll give Martian credit there (without having seen it lol)
it's a lot smarter than the typical idiot blockbuster
Jack: yeah
Karl: yeah lol
Jack: It's certainly not the "it's all about LOVE" thing like Interstellar is, where it's like, love kinda saves the universe (or that's the upfront message, secretly it's about how we can try to save ourselves from dying but that'll never happen)
Karl: right... again... very Obama-like... by that i mean: this would have been beautiful 1 decade sooner
i think that's my only issue with it really
theres a part of me that cant get over that -- why didnt you make this instead of GLADIATOR?
Jack: aye
Karl: Ridley will occasionally take huge risks and go against the stream, but he really plays both sides in order to take those risks, like the guy he is grooming, Villeneueve (new Blade Runner 2 director) ... and... yeah... I love when he does something crazy like EXODUS, COUNSELOR, MATCHSTICK MEN, 5 ALIEN sequels... stuff that he must know on some level are going to flop...
Jack:I still like Gladiator
Karl: me too, it's really good lol
Jack: though it's lessened over time in my estimation, where like in high school I thought it was the shit. but now it just seems really dreary and sad, maybe more like Scott's unintentional (or not?) response to the oncoming years of torture and war (and which Black Hawk Down was more directly related)
Exodus wasn't crazy, it was just dull
routine really
Counselor was crazy, I'll give it that.
Karl: right, BLACK HAWK DOWN and AMERICAN GANGSTER are these middle ground flicks that will be successes just not huge
(two of his better movies imo, even tho GANGSTER is more, to me, your idea of EXODUS... but i can live with that... Scott makes a big thing of boring work in his movies, it's become a motif...)
Jack: yeah, gangster was one of his better ones - he sometimes comes in with those seemingly under the radar like Matchstick men, secretly one of his best
Karl: most of them are his best lol
you mind if I post this FB... ? it seems better than our usual shit.

and the rest is history...

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